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The excitement of taking part in a blockbuster directed by Ridley Scott and obtained a good salary for living that experience, 80 euros per day, even more in the middle of a crisis, and the renewed cinematic illusion that brought this production to Almeria, provoked a massive participation in the casting calls all over different points of the province, turning every call a complete mess. The castings were scheduled in Macael, Pechina, Almeria, Roquetas de Mar and El Ejido and another one in Almeria, specifically for children. In addition, one scheduled in Mojácar was cancelled. 4,000 extras were sought for the movie. In total, according to the figures published by the media during the first half of August 2013, when the calls were made, the number of people attending the casting went up to 28,500 approximately. The figures distributed according to the following: Macael, 1,500 people; Pechina, 5,000; Almería, 10,000; Roquetas de Mar, 8,000; El Ejido, 3,000, and 1,000 candidates in the audition specifically designed for children. The required profile was clear, and it was announced by the producers: Arab race people, black or white, with a thin complexion. In the dawn previous to the casting there were dozens of people staying in a row in the place, such as in a rock star concert. The intense heat in some of the locations favoured the apparition of tensions and hard situations. Among the anecdotes lived during the castings we can recall that many of the people who participated didn’t have the required profile, and others, once they did the audition and failed, returned to the row in case they were luckily chosen in a second round. It also happenned that many people were from other provinces and they were spending their Summer holidays in Almeria. This fact hampered the posterior work carried on by the team who coordinated the extras because they called the people chosen and those showed their impossibility to move to Almeria in October.
Exodus. Gods and Kings.
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