Almuñécar, Granada

Located at the bottom of the mountains of Granada and in a privilege place of the Costa Tropical, Almuñecar looks at the Mediterranean Sea with a personality given by centuries of History and the print left by the different civilizations who colonised the area. With a population of around 27000 people (population that multiplies during the Summer), this town has many spots and beaches that astonish the visitors.

Here was filmed…

The beach of Cantarriján was used as a set for some scenes of the movie ‘The business’ (Nick Love, 2005), concretely, when two of the main characters wait in a boat that another character gets there swimming after running away from a quarrel in a bar.

The viewpoint Mirador Cruz del Santo in Almuñecar was used to represent the cemetery during the final episodes of ‘Verano Azul’. Located in Peñón del Santo, is where Chanquete is presumably buried.

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