Motril, Granada

This municipality with a population of more than 60,000 inhabitants is one of the cores in the Tropical Coast of Granada. Its main strong points are agriculture (avocado, custard apple and other tropical fruits), its harbour (used for commercial, sport and transportation-to-Morocco purposes) and its twelve kilometres of beaches, which attract thousands of tourists each year.

Here was filmed…

In ‘Caníbal, the beach of Motril was the chosen one to shoot a scene in which Antonio de la Torre tries to murder one of his victims. She has a drink in a beach bar by the sea with her partner and then they swim in the sea almost at nightfall, which is when the character of De la Torre approaches the shore to kill her.

In the harbour of Motril was where the mythic opening of the TV Show Verano Azulwas shot, the one where the children are riding their bicycles whistling the tune. By fact, every time the harbour appears in the TV show is this one in Granada because Nerja, where the show was located, has no harbour.

The team of the film Cuba also filmed at the facilities of the sugar factory Nuestra Señora del Pilar, in Motril. The facade of the building appears on several occasions. For example, when the character of Denholm Elliott flees by a ladder while Sean Connery arrived in a car.

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