Trigueros, Huelva

Situated in the region of El Condado, Trigueros has some monuments such as the church of San Antonio Abad, the Carmen and Santa Catalina convents and the chapel of La Misericordia, which are a massive tourist attraction, along with its traditional festival called La Capea

In its vicinity, you can find the Dolmen of Soto, a very well-preserved funerary building that dates back to the Copper Age.


Here was filmed…

Trigueros was the setting for the inn, one of the most important dramatic spots in the film The heart of the earth. It is the hometown of its director, Antonio Cuadri, and the shooting involved the participation of many friends and acquaintances who still remembered that boy who dreamed of films. In Trigueros, they also recreated the house of Blanca Bosco (Catalina Sandino), which thanks to the digital magic was integrated into the beach of Mazagón.

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