The Heart of the Earth

With ‘The Heart of the Earth’, director and screenwriter Antonio Cuadri presents the film adaptation of the best-selling novel by writer Juan Cobos Wilkins, a novel that reflects part of the real history of his native Huelva and its inhabitants. A story of action and passion set in the Minas de Riotinto.

With this story Antonio Cuadri dusts off a real, collective and unknown to many history: the first ecological protest unleashed in Riotinto at the end of the 19th century.



Director: Antonio Cuadri
Cast: Mercedes Díaz Hoyos, Joaquín de Almeida, Ana Fernández, Catalina Sandino Moreno, Sienna Guillory, Philip Winchester, Bernard Hill, Jorge Perrugorria, Fernando Ramallo
Production: Costa do Castelo Filmes, Future Films, Manufacturas Audiovisuales, Sequence Film

Route for a vacation

Words of the Director


“As a child I used to hear a lot of mystery about ‘The year of the shots’. It was something that happened in Riotinto, involving an almost legendary secrecy. With this film I wanted to tell that story by filming in the same natural places that witnessed the events.”

Antonio Cuadri


Movie Locations
Linares de la Sierra, Huelva

Little municipality situated in the centre of the Nature Reserve of Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche. Its paved streets, the Parochial Church of San Juan Bautista, the public...

Trigueros, Huelva

Situated in the region of El Condado, Trigueros has some monuments such as the church of San Antonio Abad, the Carmen and Santa Catalina convents and the chapel of La...

Nerva, Huelva

Known for its mines, Nerva belongs to the Huelva region of Andévalo. It is situated in the east of the province, in a telluric and mountainous landscape typical of the entire...

Beach of Mazagón, Mazagón, Huelva

Situated between the Nature Reserve of Doñana and the Estuary of Huelva and really close to Matalascañas, it is a vast fine-sand beach which receives a significant influx of...

Riotinto Mines, Riotinto, Huelva

Minas de Riotinto has been – and still is – a town dependent on the mining industry and it retains a marked colonial character resulted from its historical past. This was the...

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