Una película de Chus Gutiérrez

Writer: Chus Gutiérrez, Icíar Bollain
Music: Tao Gutiérrez
Photography: Carles Gusi
Cast: Cuca Escribano, José Coronado, Antonio Dechent, Antonio de la Torre,Mariola Fuentes, Farid Fatmi, Idilio Cardoso, Marouane Mribti, Alfonsa Rosso.
Production: Araba Films / Olmo Films / Amboto Audiovisual

After living in Madrid for many years as a teacher, Lucia returns to her hometown after her father’s death results in the inheritance of his tomato farm. While fighting the community’s racism toward the new illegal workers, Lucia falls in love with the farm’s accountant, Curro, a man who shares her cause. The couple is forced to confront the racism of the town and as tensions come to head, they will have to make some decisions that could cost them everything.

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