Calles Santa María y Santa Lucía

Málaga, Málaga

© Imagen: Luis García - Wikipedia

Located in the city centre of Malaga, close to the Plaza de la Constitución and in the vicinity of the Episcopal Palace and the Cathedral, both Santa María and Santa Lucía Streets are part of a worthy monumental tour.

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Filmed here

Summer Rain

(Antonio Banderas, 2006)

In Santa Lucía Street we can find the haberdashery “Torre”, converted into the shop owned by Fina Nunni (Cuca Escribano), character known as the Lana Turner of the neighbourhood in Summer Rain. Here we can also find “La Casa del Conde”, a place famous for its nightlife for fifteen years and that was used to shoot the scenes that take place in the bar “Ajo Rojo”. The old hardware store, located in Santa Maria Street plays also a main role in the film.

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