Casino Cultural

Almería, Almería

© Imagen: Turismo Almería

The Cultural Casino of Almeria, former palace of Emilio Pérez, is a historic building classified as a Historic-Artistic Monument since 1982.

It is a palatial bourgeois house designed in a historicist style by the Almerian architect Enrique López Rull in 1888 as a home for Emilio Pérez Ibáñez, a prominent member of the Almeria bourgeoisie during the Restoration.

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Filmed here

The Wind and the Lion

(John Milius, 1975)

The Wind and the Lion reflects the interiors of the Casino de Almería, current Government Delegation of the Junta de Andalucía, the headquarters of the Red Cross, which represented the US Embassy, the vicinity of the Plaza Vieja and the port area of the city, which was used to recreate the pier of Tangier, where the US Navy gets ready.

Also, the Banesto building, in the Educador’s square in the city of Almería, was used to represent the German embassy in ‘The Wind and the Lion‘. Built at the beginning of the 20th century by the architect Trinidad Cuartara Cassinello, its facade appears only a few seconds.

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