Castillo de Almodóvar del Río

Almodóvar del Río, Córdoba

© Imagen: Turismo de Andalucía

The Castillo de Almodóvar del Río castle, which receives thousands of visits each year, held a significant strategic importance as it was situated on a hill 827 feet above sea level and next to the Guadalquivir river, which can be wonderfully viewed from there. With a Berber origin and situated in Sierra Morena, the current fortress was built in year 760 and has been a temporary home for different settlers and background to numerous historical events.

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Game of Thrones

(VVAA, 2019 2017 2016 2015)

The Cordovan castle recreates Highgarden, home of House Tyrell, in chapters 3 and 4 of the seventh season of Game of Thrones. Jaime Lannister attends the castle with his army, after tricking the Unsullied, to conquer the castle and end with Olenna, the Queen of Thorns.

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