Hotel Málaga Palacio


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One of the architects of the ‘Pez Espada’, Juan Jaúregui Briales, was also the author of the downtown Hotel Málaga Palacio, whose impressive 13-floor construction has stood in front of the Cathedral since 1966, as if it wanted to replace the second tower that is missing from the church and that gives it its characteristic name of ‘La Manquita’ (one-armed).  This establishment has recently provided its physiognomy to the most expensive series of Netflix yet. In addition to the mythomaniacal visit, it is recommended to go up to the terrace of the Málaga Palacio to have a coffee or a spirit and admire the unique view of the capital.

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The Crown

(VVAA, 2019)

Thirteen million euros per chapter have made the royal ‘The Crown’ one of the undisputed successes of the platform’s programming with this novelized chronicle of the British royal family during the reign of the incombustible Elizabeth II. In its fourth season, it is heading towards one of its most mediatic and controversial periods with the entry on stage of Princess Diana of Wales in the plot, whose first image in the skin of actress Emma Corrin was revealed precisely during the filming in this Malaga scenario that on screen will curiously become the visit of Lady Di and Prince Charles to Australia. Hundreds of extras with English flags and the country of Oceania, set the scene for the arrival in Rolls-Royce of the protagonist who promises that the new season of ‘The Crown’ will break audience records thanks to her presence. Corrin knows that all eyes are on her so she has promised to meet the expectations and the character: “I will strive to do her justice”.

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