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Situated in the area of Campo de Gibraltar, on the isthmus that joins the rock of Gibraltar and the coast, it has a strategical location between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Some of its main attractions are the beaches: La Alcaidesa, El Burgo, La Hacienda, La Atunara and, specially, Poniente.

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Filmed here

El Niño

(Daniel Monzón, 2014)

At Playa de Levante were shot some scenes of the French film ‘The Informant (Gibraltar)’, with Gilles Lellouche. And in the area of Puerto de Poniente was shot a part of  ‘The Nautical Chart’ (Imanol Uribe, 2007).

Playa de Santa Clara was one of the places where ‘El Niño’ (Daniel Monzón, 2014) was shot, with the prosecution scenes involving a Border Patrol car, drove by Luis Tosar and Barbara Lennie, and another vehicle. Furthermore, the Border Control complex was also used as a set.

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