Mercado de la Carne

Sevilla, Sevilla

© Imagen: Mercado de la Carne

Thanks to its nice weather all year long and its marvellous artistic and monumental heritage, Seville has been the setting for many film, TV and advertising productions over the last years. The best way to get to know it is by walking and experiencing its streets. Seville has several places that have been declared World Heritage Site (Reales Alcázares, Cathedral and Archivo de Indias), and it also has an excellent range of leisure options (flamenco, music, theatre…) as well as varied gastronomic places, including numerous tapas bars and all kind of restaurants.

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Filmed here

El autor

(Manuel Martín Cuenca, 2017)

Some background shots involving Javier Gutiérrez and the scene with Rafael Téllez, who plays his conservative upstairs neighbour, were shot in Mercado de la Carne for the film El autor.

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