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As part of the area of Axarquia, the town of Nerja, the easter part of the province of Malaga, population 20,000, is possibly one of the most beautiful places in Costa del Sol. Nerja is well-known for its beautiful maritime façade, formed by beaches, coves and cliffs, an attraction that makes it one of the most visited locations in the area.

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Filmed here

Verano azul

(Antonio Mercero, 1981)

At the Playa de la Caleta, located in Maro, a parish of Nerja, were shot scenes such as the rescue of Javi in episode 1 or the famous “Chanquete ha muerto” in the second last. In the show it was called Cala Chica and nowadays the access keeps being quite difficult. At the Playa de Calahonda, located at the bottom of Balcón de Europa, was shot the scene where Julia meet the guys in the first episode.

In the well-known Cuevas de Nerja was shot part of the episode “La Cueva del gato verde” of the TV show Verano Azul. Concretely, the indoors where Pancho is injured by accident. The outdoor scenes were shot in a cave close to Nerja, in the area of Río de la Miel, under the A-7 viaduct, which links Nerja and Almuñecar (Granada).

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