Paseo Marítimo Antonio Machado

Málaga, Málaga

© Imagen: Franciso Manresa Ayuso - Flickr

This parade is located at Huelin Beach, in the west side of Malaga, 4km. far from the city centre, between the coastal areas of San Andrés and La Misericordia. This quarter was developed through the years, with the building of Paseo Marítimo Antonio Machado.

Characterised by its black sand and gravel, Huelin Beach covers an extension of 700 metres long and 15 metres wide and in the surrounding area you can find many leisure areas, space to do some exercise and parks to spend some time with your family.

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Filmed here

Summer Rain

(Antonio Banderas, 2006)

The parade dedicated to the Castilian poet was used as a set for some of the shots of Summer Rain. As a curiosity, in the surrounding area you can find the recently inaugurated Parade named after the local actor and director, Antonio Banderas.

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