Puente de Triana

Sevilla, Sevilla

Possibly one of the most popular quarters in the city of Seville, it is situated by the east shore of the Guadalquivir river and is connected to the city by the Triana bridge, which replaced the old Barcas bridge. While it has a unique identity, at the same time it strengthens the idiosyncrasy of the Sevillian capital, with its devotion to traditions such as the Holy Week or flamenco. Traditional patio housing and ceramics are very characteristic of this quarter and this is the birthplace of many artists, singers, dancers and bullfighters.

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Filmed here

A Different View

(VVAA, 2018)

Under the Triana bridge, in Paseo de la O, they shot some night scenes of El Autor in which the characters of the film chat – firstly, Javier Gutiérrez and María León and then the Goya-winner actor with Ariana Paz.

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