Sierra de Cardeña y Montoro

Cardeña, Córdoba

© Imagen: Anajg2 - Wikipedia

In the middle stretch of the Yeguas River, its course gets fit into the granite mass of the Pedroches valley, carving a valley of steep walls with large granite boulders. It is a sensitive and protected area inhabited by endangered species. Scenes as significant as “the deer jump and Marcos”, “the valley of silence” and “the children’s bath” have been shot in this valley.

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Filmed here

Among Wolves

(Gerardo Olivares, 2010)

This area is characteristic for its granite boulders that can be seen in many of the scenes of ‘Among wolves‘. We can also appreciate its use in the traditional architecture of the north of the park, as seen in the houses of Marcos and Doroteo.

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