Sierra Morena


© Imagen: cristina fernández - Flickr

The part of Sierra Morena located within the province of Córdoba covers part of the area of two Natural Parks in the province: Parque Natural de Hornachuelos and Parque Natural de Cardeña-Montoro.

It is a place with an undulating relief and soft slopes due to its location in central Sierra Morena. The geomorphological formation of batolito appears in round blocks made of granite called “balls”, landscape where the Río Yeguas has buried a delightful valley where you can find the deepest slopes in the space.

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Filmed here


(Jaime de Armiñán, 1989)

In the show ‘Juncal’ appear the foothills of Sierra Morena that surround the city of Córdoba, concretely, the areas of El Patriarca and Las Ermitas, where Paco Rabal walks and talks to Fernando Fernán Gómez.

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