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This city, one of the most popular and touristic ones in Costa del Sol, is a main symbol of tourism in our country. Its rich gastronomy, the familiar atmosphere on the streets and its beautiful and crowded beaches, like La Carihuela, el Bajondillo or Los Álamos, have made it one of the main touristic destinations in Andalucia and even Spain.

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Filmed here


(Kike Maíllo, 2016)

Torremolinos 73(Pablo Berger, 2003), the love story of a couple that goes into the world of amateur porno in the last days of the dictatorship, shot some sequences at the beaches of this town in Malaga. Concretely, the scenes of a crazy film shooting carried on by the film crew lead by Javier Cámara. In Torremolinos were also shot some scenes of the film Toro (Kike Maíllo, 2015), with Mario Casas driving a vehicle.

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