Veta la Palma

Isla Mayor, Sevilla

© Imagen: Turismo Andaluz

The Veta la Palma 28,000-acre property is situated in the municipal district of Puebla del Río (Sevilla) and takes up almost the southern half of Guadalquivir’s Isla Mayor. In addition to the Guadalquivir river, the property is also bounded by the Guadiamar river or Brazo de la Torre and it is part of the Nature Reserve of Doñana.

The property currently hosts the company Pesquerías Isla Mayor, S.A. (PIMSA), which is engaged in aquaculture activities. In the area, there are also dry farming lands and rice fields.

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Filmed here


(Alberto Rodríguez, 2014)

In `Marshland by Alberto Rodríguez, the scene where they find the dead girls takes place in this area.

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