Death Rides a Horse

Una película de Giulio Petroni

Writer:  Luciano Vincenzoni
Music: Ennio Morricone
Cast: Lee Van Cleef, John Phillip Law, Mario Brega, Luigi Pistilli, Anthony Dawson, José Torres, Franco Balducci, Bruno Corazzari, Felicita Fanny, Ignazio Leone, Angelo Susani, Carlo Pisacane, Elena Hall, Guglielmo Spoletini, Romano Puppo
Production: PEC / United Artist

Before his very eyes, a young boy watches the cutthroats of a small gang raid his humble home, rape and slaughter his whole family. Fifteen years later, Bill Meceita, the once-helpless boy and the sole survivor of the massacre, has now become a cool and skilful sharpshooter, seeking revenge against the band of unknown killers. In the meantime, the seasoned gunslinger and freshly out of prison, Ryan, has already embarked on a journey of sweet retribution, unaware that before long, he will cross paths with Bill, sharing the same desire for justice. But what could possibly unite the two unlikely companions?

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