Los managers

Una película de Fernando Guillén Cuervo

Writers: Miguel Ángel Fernández, Joaquín Górriz, Fernando Guillén Cuervo
Music: Varios
Cast: Enrique Villén, Manuel Tallafé, Fran Perea, Paco León, Sancho Gracia, Manuel Manquiña, María Jiménez, Celine Tyll, Susan Mallinson, Mariano Peña
Production: Estudios Picasso / Filmax / Altube&Cuervo

Two jobless Forty-somethings: Maca and Rena are in serious need of a financial stroke of luck. When they spot an ad for a TV contest looking for the next Pop Idol, they decide to turn themselves into the managers of two young hopefuls: Pipo and David.

While launching their careers with performances in bars, bingo clubs and other such dives they encounter Rota, a shady old singer who arranges for them to tour the Costa del Sol. Thus begins a frenetic road movie where dreams of success turn into a nightmare inhabited by strange creatures: Tom Jones clones, porn stars, enlightened arabs, psychopathic marines, kitch TV presenters, corrupt politicians and even extra-terrestrials.

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