The missing lynx

Una película de Raúl García, Manuel Sicilia

Writers: Manuel Sicilia, Raul Garcia, Jose Enrique Machuca, Valentín Fernández-Tubau
Music: Sergio de la Puente
Cast: Animation
Production: Kandor Graphics / Green Moon / Perro Verde Films / Canal Sur Televisión / Televisión de Galicia / Euskal Irrati Telebista / Televisión Pública de Canarias / 7 Región de Murcia / Instituto de Ciencias y Artes Cinematográficas del Ministerio de Cultura / Instituto de Crédito Oficial / Consejería de Cultura y Medio Ambiente de la Junta de Andalucía / Cajasol / YaYa! Films

The missing lynx tells us about the story of a group of animals which they plan to escape from Noe. Noe is an old eccentric billionaire’s who wants to build his own Noe’s arc to save the endangered animals. This old man recruits Newmann who is the best hunter in the world. This character only wants to be paid by his services but, even with his reputation, he finds some problems on his task. Félix, an Iberian lynx with so much bad luck (the main reason for whose he believes he’s an endangered species) who is the leader of a strange group of animals tries to face Newmann intentions and free the captured species.

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