Año Mariano

Una película de Karra Elejalde, Fernando Guillén Cuervo

Writer: Karra Elejalde, Fernando Guillén Cuervo
Music: Kike Suárez-Alba
Photography: Hans Burmann
Cast: Karra Elejalde, Fernando Guillén Cuervo, Manuel Manquiña, Gloria Muñoz,Silvia Bel, Juan Viadas, Pepín Tré, Karlos Arguiñano
Production: Asegarce Zinema / TVE / Vía Digital


Mariano is a traveling salesman who falls asleep while driving late at night, sending his car off the road and into a field — which turns out to be part of an illicit marijuana farm. When Mariano awakes, he discovers that a team of policemen led by Sgt. Talavera has found the weed and set the field ablaze. The billows of fragrant smoke have a powerful effect on Mariano, and he imagines he’s seeing an apparition of the Virgin Mary. Word of Mariano’s “holy vision” travels to evangelist Sister Trini in a nearby town, and he soon attracts a number of her followers who want to hear about how the Virgin spoke to him.

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