Contra el viento

Una película de Paco Periñán

Writer: Paco Periñán
Music: Ramón Farran
Photography: Gérard de Battista
Cast: Antonio Banderas, Emma Suárez, Bruce McGuire, Rosario Flores, Rafael Díez, Germán Cobos, Patricia Palacios, Queta Claver, Pilar Bardem, Carmen Balaqué, Estanislao González, Antonio Guerrero, Francisco Guijar
Production: Creativos Asociados de Radio y Televisión (CARTEL)

Juan flees Madrid and an incestuous relationship with his sister, Ana, working at a mine on the Andalucian coast. When his friendship with Rosario, a local shop girl, becomes romance, Ana shows up wanting to rekindle their affair. He resists at first, but she stays, asserting that Juan is the only man she can ever love. Juan distances himself from Rosario. The mine has problems: high cancer rates in the area caused by poorly stored radioactive waste. A foreign safety engineer, Petersen, tries to connect with Ana, is rebuffed, but lets her stay in his sea-front bungalow. Juan seeks her out to demand she leave, only to argue with Petersen. Death, desire, and longing play out.

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