The Return of El Coyote

Una película de Mario Camus

Writer: Mario Camus, César Mallorquí
Music: Sebastián Mariné
Photography: Jaume Peracaula
Cast: José Coronado, Mar Flores, Nigel Davenport, Chiara Caselli, Ana Duato, Neil Boorman, Ray Lovelock, Manuel Alexandre, Simón Andreu, Ramón Langa, Antonio Valero, Isabel Serrano
Production: Antena 3 Televisión / Enrique Cerezo Producciones Cinematográficas S.A. / Gonafilm / Vía Digital

Legends abound about the masked El Coyote, who 10 years previously ended a duel between American soldier Potts and Mexican-Californian Salinas Meanwhile, Leonor de Acevedo is due to be married to Cesar de Echague who is coming back from Cuba. His effeminacy and free-thinking are repugnant to his father. Little does everyone know that El Coyote is actually Cesar, and that he is about to return, as masked men tend to when the going gets tough. Cesar digs out the mask and false mustache again, this time to foil the dastardly plot of Gen. Clarke to grab some of the biggest ranches around Los Angeles.

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