Calle Carlota Quintanilla y Hacienda la Buzona

Carmona, Sevilla

© Imagen: Carmona Film Office - Spain Film Commission

As it is well-known, Carmona is one of the most noble cities in the province, so it counts on plenty and extraordinary religious, civil and military architecture that converts Carmona into a spectacularly monumental city. Among the streets famous for its beautifulness we can highlight Carlota Quintanilla Street, surrounded by monuments in the middle of the city centre.

La Buzona is one of the most popular and best-preserved estates in Carmona. Located in the ground terrace called Los Alcores, the area is well-known for its olive oil production. You can access the place from the road Brenes-Carmona, that runs surrounded by states like this one. Next to the road, you can find stakes indicting the way to the house.

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Filmed here

La Peste

(VVAA, 2018)

Carlota Quintanilla Street reproduces the steps at the bottom of the Cathedral of Sevilla, where La Peste recreated the slaves market, with the merchants showing the future servants, full of exoticism and garnished with fangs and bones.
In La Peste, the Cilla del Cabildo of Carmona, an old barn used by the Church, was used to recreate a tavern and the hospice.
Everything related to the doctor Nicolás Monardes, the famous botanic garden, plants from the New World, and the room where he aids his patients and performs the autopsies, forbidden in that time, was shot at Palacio del Conde de Rodezno. The Hacienda La Buzona in Carmona was used in La Peste to recreate the market located at the entrance of Sevilla where Mateo comes in when he arrives for the first time to Sevilla.

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