Cádiz, Cádiz


© Imagen: Andalucía Film Commision

It is a baroque and neoclassical building. Its construction began in 1722 and was not completed until November 28, 1838. It receives the name of “Santa Cruz on the Sea” or “Santa Cruz over the Waters”, although the people of Cadiz call it the “New Cathedral”.

It is located in the historic centre of Cádiz, almost on the sea side, and is visible from almost anywhere in the city.

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(Richard Lester, 1979)

The capital of Cadiz represented Havana in the film Cuba, starring Sean Connery and Brooke Adams, among others. Thus, the Cathedral of Cadiz was the one of the Cuban capital, the Castle of Santa Catalina represented the forts of Cuba at the beginning of the film, and the neighbourhood of La Corta was used to reproduce the town of Castro guerrillas on the outskirts of Havana.

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