Convento de la Concepción

Carmona, Sevilla

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The Convento de la Concepción is situated in Carmona, about 30 kilometres far from the city, a village famous for its exceptional religious, civil and military architecture, which has made the place the perfect set for many cinematographic productions. Founded at the beginning of the XVI century, belonged to a community of Franciscan nuns and has an extension of 4,000 square metres, including the church and the convent. Built following the Gothic-Mudejar manners, the legend says that it was founded by Isabel La Católica to conceal Fernando’s lover. It has been abandoned, but there is a project to convert it into a hotel.

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Filmed here

La Peste

(VVAA, 2018)

For the show La Peste, el Convento de la Concepción of Carmona was used to recreate Sevilla in the XVIth century considering almost every detail, concretely, the most popular area. Within its 4,000 square metres, the convent became the perfect street framework of the city, Leandra’s (Lupe del Junco) and his brother home, and the area where Arquímedes (Manuel Morón) lives with the children, also a tavern, the hospital cloister and a fish market, very similar to the one that used to be in El Arenal Quarter. It was also used to recreate the Slaves Brotherhood, a part of the square where the auto de fe was celebrated by the Inquisition and a part of the mancebía (red-lights quarter), that was actually located in the current Plaza de Molviedro.

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