Cortijo del Fraile

Níjar, Almería


© Imagen: Andalucía Film Commision

The Cortijo del Fraile is located between Los Albaricoques and Rodalquilar, in the very centre of the Nature Reserve of Cabo de Gata-Níjar.

The events that inspired works as memorable as ‘Bodas de sangre’, by Federico García Lorca, or ‘Puñal de claveles’, by Carmen de Burgos, took place in this country house.

It has an important ethnographic value regarding the customs and constructions of the area and many groups fight to have it restored.

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Filmed here

El crimen de una novia

(Lola Guerrero, 2006)

In For a few dollars more, directed by Sergio Leone in 1965, the character of Indio (Gian María Volonté) and his gang set up their base there in the final part of the film. You can only see the inside of the country house in this film.

In 1966 Sergio Leone came back to shoot in the Cortijo for The good, the bad and the ugly and disguised it as a monastery, crowded by wounded persons from the American civil war.

In addition to Sergio Leone’s films, the Cortijo appears in other titles such as A bullet for the general’, ‘Killer Tongue’, ‘El crimen de una novia or a chapter from the TV show Los hombres de Paco.

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