Gruta de las Maravillas

Aracena, Huelva

© Imagen: Junta Informa - Wikipedia

The Grotto of the Marvels is a cave in the town center of Aracena, Huelva. It was the first Spanish cave to be opened to the public in 1913. It includes a total of 2130 subterranean meters. According to popular tradition its discoverer was a shepherd, and the first historical reference of its existence dates from 1886.

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Filmed here

This grotto has been the scene of many films, both national and international. Hollywood arrived to Aracena by the hand of one of the classics of fantastic literature: ‘Journey to the Center of Earth‘ by Julio Verne. For this film, the Huelva’s grotto became an essential part of the film and almost another protagonist.

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