Hotel Kempinski

Estepona, Málaga

© Imagen: Web Hotel

The Kempinski Hotels chain, one of the oldest in Europe, is among the most prestigious luxury hotels in the world. On its centenary they wanted to join their brand to that of the Costa del Sol and in 1999 opened their first – and only – establishment in our country, the Kempinski Hotel Bahía España, in Estepona. Located on the beachfront, the firm wanted an iconic hotel and did not look very far, as it chose the creator of Marbella’s holiday style, the South American architect Melvin Villarroel, for this great building which inaugurated the second generation of this author’s urban development work, characterized by its integration with nature and the architecture of the emptiness – occupation of only 30% of the land. The Spanish Kempinski has a green space of 40,000 m2 of native and subtropical gardens.

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Filmed here

Torrente 2: Misión en Marbella

(Santiago Segura, 2001)

The idea of Torrente being a shabby cop is not so clear since the policeman changed the genuine Madrid for the luxurious Marbella in the sequel to his famous saga. And also because the five-star hotels like the Kempinski, where was shot the remembered scene in which the cocky protagonist relieves himself in the swimming pool, but is discovered by José Mota because the water had a special chemical that changes colour with the scatological escapes of the swimmers. But don’t worry, the pool has already been disinfected. By the way, the hotel of Estepona was not the only one appearing in the film since some shootings were also filmed in the rooms of the Don Miguel of Marbella, ending with a ‘balconing’ to another pool.

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