Isla Mayor


© Imagen: Andalucía Film Commision

Isla Mayor, situated in the geographical centre of the Guadalquivir marshes, is a paradise of the nature reserve of Doñana.

It is the largest rice-growing land in the old world – the channels and old branches of the Guadalquivir river. In the town and its vicinity, you can practice sport fishing and enjoy the landscape of Doñana’s damp environment, which gathers the highest population of birds in the continent.

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Filmed here


(Alberto Rodríguez, 2014)

Virtually all the sequences in rice fields and other very significant scenes in Alberto Rodríguez’ Marshland were shot in the municipality. A highly recommended place for the varied landscapes you will find in that area. Also, in Isla Mayor, in the Playa de los Morenos beach, they shot the spectacular final pursuit scene.

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