Rambla Viciana

Tabernas, Almería

© Imagen: Juanjo Salvador - Wikipedia

This singular space located in the middle of Tabernas Desert stands out in the dry landscape of Almeria because of its green vegetation, including palm trees. This location is also known as Oasis because it was the place where the famous scene of the oasis in the dessert in the movie Lawrence of Arabia was shot. For that purpose, several palm trees were brought from Alicante and planted here (they still remain alive) and a small pool simulated a lake. Apart from Lawrence of Arabia, many other films have been shot here, such as: Saul and DavidFor a few dollars more or The Valley of Gwangi.

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Filmed here

Exodus. Gods and Kings.

(Ridley Scott, 2014)

The shooting of the film Exodus began at this point in the province of Almeria on 22nd October 2013. For two days, the shooting of the film took place in this location, named by the producers as snake hunt. The sequence wasn’t included in the final cinematographic montage exhibited at the movie theatres. To get to Oasis or Viciana Promenade you should follow the ground track that goes to the desert from the Service Station named Alfaro. You have to cross the highway bridge heading to the left side. You can access this point by car or walking, but if you choose the second option, it is highly recommended to park in the bridge area and follow the path walking.

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