Bajarse al moro

Una película de Fernando Colomo

Writers: Joaquín Oristrell and José Luis Alonso de Santos
Cast: Veronica Forqué, Antonio Banderas, Juan Echanove, Aitana Sánchez-Gijón,Chus Lampreave, Miguel Rellán, Francisco Merino, Amparo Valle, Manuel Huete,Ricardo Palacios, Ofelia Angélica, María Elena Flores, Vicente Díez,Juan de Pablos, Carmelo Gómez
Lolafilms, Ion Films




A girl, who lives together with her cousin who earns some money by dealing and her boyfriend who is a policeman, is regularly transporting some drugs from Morocco for her cousin. As all of them smoke grass from time to time there is need for more. Deciding to take a friend of hers who has just left home down to Morocco for a transport she gets problems because it is the first time for her friend and this makes it difficult. But as all are very open minded there is no problem they would not try to solve.

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