Morirás en Chafarinas

Una película de Pedro Olea

Writers: Pedro Olea, Fernando Lalana (Novel: Fernando Lalana)
Music: Bernardo Bonezzi
Cast: Jorge Sanz, María Barranco, Oscar Ladoire, Javier Albalá, Esperanza Campuzano, Ramón Langa, Tony Zenet, Miguel del Arco, Ernesto Alterio, Guillermo Toledo,Antonio Dechent, Alberto San Juan, Pepón Nieto, Txema Blasco, Antonio de la Torre.
Altube Filmeak

A corporal of the guard is teamed with a young prisoner to solve the strange killings that have occurred in the walled city of Zafarinas. The young team finds themselves plunged into a world of drugs, deceit and passion where they find that all is not what it seems.

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