Perdóname, Señor

Una película de VVAA

Direction: Frank Ariza, Frank Ariza, Alejandro Bazzano, Alberto Ruiz Rojo, Rafa Montesinos
Writers: Antonio Onetti, Frank Ariza, Ana Alkimim, Antonio Álamo, Ana Graciani, Carmen Fernández
Music: Manuel Villalta
Cast: Paz Vega, Stany Coppet, Jesús Castro, José Manuel Seda, Silvia Marty, Lucía Guerrero, Pau Cólera, Luisa Gavasa, Sandra Collantes, Estefanía de los Santos, Diego Domínguez, Helena Kaitani, Juan Gea, Christian Sánchez, Paco Tous, Antonio de la Torre, Andrea Duro, Ruth Gabriel
Production: Screened by Telecinco; Gossip Event Productions

(TV Series) Lucía is a nun who 20 years later decides to return from Rome to Cádiz, her homeland, to resolve pending issues of her past. There she will discover that drug trafficking has increased in the area and she will try to put an end to this illegal business. For this she will have to face the leader of the drug mafia, Bruno, her great love of youth, while trying to take his nephew Rafa away from this world and facing complicated moral dilemmas.

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