Rum Runners

Una película de Robert Enrico (1971)

Writers: Robert Enrico, Jacques Pecheral, Tony Recoder
Muisc: François de Roubaix
Cast: Lino Ventura, Brigitte Bardot, Bill Travers, Clive Revill, La Polaca, Jess Hahn, Antonio Casas, Andréas Voutsinas, Guy Marchand, Jack Betts, Roger Jacquet, Marc Eyraud, Stéphane Fey, Joe Turner, Robert Lombard, Henry Czarniak
Production: Coproducción Francia-Italia-España; Gaumont International / S.N.E. Gaumont / Parme Production / Films Internacionales (FISA) / Rizzoli Film

In the prohibition years, the ‘rumrunners’ travel through the Caribbean Sea with the forbidden liquor barely escaping the ship patrols. While on the run, one of the bootleggers falls in love with an actress on a movie set.

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