Playa de los Genoveses

Níjar, Almería


© Imagen: Andalucía Film Commision

With an extension of 1180 metres long, you can admire one of the most impressive beaches in the coastline of Almeria, and even the whole Mediterranean Sea. An idyllic place with a wide virgin beach surrounded by a dune complex. Located in the area of Campillo del Genovés, its natural beauty stands out thanks to the lack of buildings, roads or bars around. The beach was named after the arrival to the coast of a Genovese fleet due to a storm around 1147.

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Filmed here

El Niño

(Daniel Monzón, 2014)

In this beach were shot the prosecution scenes that theoretically took place in the open sea in the film El Niño (Daniel Monzón, 2014), with Luis Tosar flying the helicopter.

In a chapter of the famous TV show Paco’s Men, broadcasted in Spain by Antena 3, the beach simulated the North African desert and in Cristobal Colón, de oficio… descubridor (Mariano Ozores, 1982) is the place where Andrés Pajares and his sailors arrived after a long journey.

This paradisiacal environment has also been seen in films like Rum Runners (Roberto Enrico, 1971), Hannie Coulder (Burt Kennedy, 1971),  Travels with my Aunt‘ (George Cukor, 1972) or  The Wind and the Lion (John MiIius, 1975).

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