Old Slaughterhouse


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The Old Slaughterhouse of Seville was built in 1916, by José Sáez y López. It was built in a neo-Mudejar style, with exposed bricks and flat tiles.

It was divided in two parts: the slaughterhouse that faces Avenida Ramón y Cajal and the cattle market that faces behind it. After it ceased being used as a slaughterhouse and as a military headquarters, in 1980 it was decided to rehabilitate and readapt the building for its use as a school.

At the present time, we can find in it the Ortiz de Zúñiga School, the Francisco Guerrero Professional Conservatory of Music and the San Juan de la Cruz Adult School.

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Filmed here

In the very capital, the Old Slaughterhouse of Seville was converted into a military headquarters where Alfredo goes to do the military service, in‘Madre amadísima’. Several sequences of the film were also shot in different streets of Carmona and Valencina de la Concepción.


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