Madre amadísima

Una película de Pilar Távora (2009)

Writer: Santiago Escalante
Music: José Miguel Évora, Borja Évora
Cast: Ramón Rivero, Gala Évora, Gloria de Jesús, José Burgos, David Lora, Julio Vargas, Nacho Vázquez, Ken Appledorn
Production: Artimagen Producciones

The film narrates the life of Alfredito, a homosexual born in 1952. A conversation between Alfredito and his Virgin, whom he dresses for the procession, leads us to know the character’s experiences. Tenderness, marginalization, humor, love to the mother and the Virgin, sexual awakening, drugs, religion, loneliness or friendship go hand by hand, consolidating this story, shared by millions of human beings around the world.


A part of ‘Madre amadísima’ was shot in Seville, in the Old Slaughterhouse, located between Ronda del Tamarguillo and Avenida Ramón y Cajal. Pilar Távora, the director, said in an interview that she was “very happy to shoot in my neighborhood. The best thing is that every day I only have to cross the street to go to eat at my mother’s house”. However, it was necessary to wait until the summer holidays to be able to film, since currently the Ortiz de Zúñiga School, the Francisco Guerrero Professional Conservatory of Music and the San Juan de la Cruz Adult School are located there.

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