This city, of an old and illustrious origin, is situated in the geographical centre of the province of Jaén, near the Guadalquivir, in a landscape of fertile soils replete with orchards, olive groves and cereal crops.

Declared a World Historical Site, this place features an exceptional architectural complex, among which we should highlight Plaza del Pópulo, the Town Hall, Plaza de Santa María, the Cathedral, the Palacio de Jabalquinto palace, Puerta de Úbeda, the Old University, the Palacio de los Majorada palace, the Convento de San Francisco monastery, the Iglesia de Santa María del Alcázar y San Andrés, Iglesia de la Santa Cruz and Iglesia de San Pablo churches and the Convento de la Encarnación nunnery, among others.

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Lope enamorado

(Rodolfo Montero de Palacio, 2018)

In the film Alatriste by Agustín Díaz Yanes, the streets of Baeza’s old quarter were used as the setting for street duel scenes. Among the most striking transformations of the city, which hosted the film crew for a week, we should be mention the creation of a Golden Century popular market in calle Juan de Ávila, where Baeza’s old university is erected.

The shooting took place in the most emblematic and astonishing area of the city, specifically in the following streets: Alta, Canónigo Melgares Raya, Romero Mengíbar, Cobertizo, part of Calle Sacramento, San Juan de Ávila, Plaza de Santa Cruz, Cuesta de San Felipe Neri and Plaza de Santa María.

Palacio de Jabalquinto, current office of the Universidad Internacional de Andalucía in Baeza, was one of the sets that appears in episode 20 “Entierro en la serranía” in the TV show Curro Jiménez, where the main character’s mother dies. One of its gates simulates to be a prison where Curro Jimenez’s mother is arrested. The square of the Catedral of Baeza was also used as a set. Concretely, there is a house located in the corner of the square that still remains the same as in the show. In episode 14 “Retorno al hogar”, the actress Sara Lezana seeks a suspicious girl along the streets of Baeza and was also shot in Úbeda.

Mario Camus, who had already directed some episodes of Curro Jiménez in Alcalá la Real, came back to the province of Jaén to shoot some scenes of Fortunata and Jacinta, concretely, episode 2, when Jacinta (Maribel Martín) and her husband François (Eric Gendron) travel by train and see Linares and Baeza from the window.

Along the streets of Baeza were also shot some scenes of the series Teresa de Jesús‘ (TVE, 1983), starring Concha Velasco.

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