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Macael, Almería

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Macael is a town in the province of Almeria located on the north side of Sierra de Los Filabres. It is 75 kilometres far from the city of Almeria and is well-known for the richness of its marble, stone that represents the second most important product in the province after the agriculture.

The denomination of Macael’s marble includes the centre and the north area of the province of Almeria, eleven villages in total, representing approximately the 6% of the PIB of the province with annual sales around 700 millions of euros, with exportations all over the world.

The eleven villages included in the denomination are: Cóbdar, Laroya, Lubrín, Líjar, Albanchez, Chercos, Purchena, Cantoria, Fines, Macael and Olula del Río.

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Filmed here

Exodus. Gods and Kings.

(Ridley Scott, 2014)

Exodus chose a wide marble quarry in Macael to represent the area inside the city of Pythom where the Hebrew slaves, in appalling working conditions, extract the stone used to build palaces, sphinxes, pyramids…

These scenes, mixed with others set in El Chorrillo area that also represents the city of Pythom, required the presence of hundreds of extras and a lot of animals such as elephants, camels or horses used in the stone extraction. Some of these general camera shots count on a detailed treatment of visual effects to include fires, wood scaffolds or birds in the sky, to the point that it is difficult to recognize the location.

Macael and the marble area, although it is one of the most powerful economic cores in Andalucia, remains mostly unreleased as a cinematographic location. Thanks to the shooting of Exodus, it has been added to the long collection of sets in the province, offering another alternative to the producers who decide to set their stories in this land.

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