Estación de trenes

Guadix, Granada

© Imagen: Turismo de Andalucía

This train station in the municipality of Guadix offers medium- and long-distance services operated by Renfe. It was built in the urban area of Guadix. A small neighbourhood, which holds the status of a municipal district and is called La Estación, has been developed around the station.

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Filmed here

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

(Steven Spielberg, 1989)

Guadix’ station was disguised as the station and the market of the Turkish city of Iskenderun – an actual city of the Sultanate of Hatay, located in the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea – for the shooting of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade‘.

The station was guised for the film with fruit and vegetable stands, chickens, a cart drawn by a donkey, four dromedaries dressed up with travel implements, German vehicles from the 1940s and men dressed in the Turkish fashion. Behind a wall, they placed a setting that simulated the dome and the minaret of a mosque. A German military truck, with the back door open, hidden with fabrics and old carpets, was placed in another set. In the station, more than 150 extras dressed as Turks and Arabs were carrying their belongings and getting on an old train stabled at the tracks. Men had fake beards and moustaches and wore Turkish robes or caps. Women generally wore black and the typical veil.

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