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Gerena is located at 26 km from Seville and is part of the Corredor de la Plata. According to the legend, the foundation of Gerena is attributed to the shepherd king Gerión, who appears in the work Theogony of Hesiod.

Gerena was an important settlement for many civilizations that passed through it. The granite mines located in the town were especially important, with which many projects were carried out, such as the columns of the Roman temple currently located in the Alameda de Hércules or the columns of the Cathedral of Seville.

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Filmed here

Madre amadísima

(Pilar Távora, 2009)

In Gerena, many scenes from ‘Madre amadísima’ were shot. The scene of the wedding between Alfredo’s parents, who took the wedding photos at one of the doors of the Church of the Purísima Concepción, as well as the subsequent walk that was shot around the Palace of the Marqués de Albaserrada and the Church itself. The burial of Alfredo’s mother, Rosario, was also filmed in the cementery. In addition, several typical streets of the urban area of Gerena were chosen for the filming of several sequences.

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