Reales Atarazanas

Sevilla, Sevilla

© Imagen: José Luis Filpo Cabana - Wikipedia

The old shipyards in the city of Seville were built in the 13th century by Alphonso X in the Arenal quarter, from where a vast terrace extended as far as the river. The Atarazanas declared as Artistic Historical Site, they were a key factor in the expansion of the city contributing to the forge of a naval industry that became the basis of the Castilian Kingdom between the XIII and XVII centuries, and hosted 17 premises for the construction of vessels, interconnected by wide pointed arches – only 7 of which are still there today.

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Filmed here

La Peste

(VVAA, 2018)

In season 7 of Game of Thrones, the old shipyards were disguised as the catacombs of the Red Fortress, in King’s Landing, where some dragon skeletons still remain. In there, in season 2, maester Qyburn shows Cersei the Scorpion, a huge crossbow which she could use to kill Danaery’s dragons. In season 6, Tyrion meets Jaime there, through Bronn of the Blackwater, to ask him to convince Cersei of the advisability of a meeting to discuss the imminent attack of the White Walkers.

In La Peste, the Reales Atarazanas represents the Royal Prison, where the main character, Mateo Nuñez (Pablo Molinero), walk among numerous prisoners seeking Valerio, and where they play cards and celebrate parties with wine and prostitutes. Some scenes set in the cloth factory where the prostitutes are in the upper side of the old shipyards were also shot here.

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