Una película de Michael Apted

Writer: Ray Connolly
Cast: David Essex, Adam Faith, Larry Hagman, Ines Des Longchamps, Rosalind Ayres, Marty Wilde, Edd Byrnes, Keith Moon, Dave Edmunds, Paul Nicholas, Karl Howman, Richard LeParmentier, Peter Duncan, John Normington, James Hazeldine
Production: Goodtimes Enterprises

The rise and fall of the rock singer Jim Maclaine, in the mid 60s, with his manager, Mike, and his group, “The Stray Cats”

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Anécdotas del rodaje

The shooting of ‘The Idol’ was set in the Bermudas. However, in the pool scene snuck an epic failure with Larry Hagman – the famous JR of ‘Dallas’ – hanging on the phone and in the background the flag of Spain flying in that Caribbean fiction.

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