Cinema in Costa del Sol can be narrated through its star hotels. Not only the ones showing on their facades, but also the ones that have dream movie dreams in their film-like suites. Essential to establish the headquarters for filming the movies, the case of Malaga establishments is singular because they not only have bid – and they still do – to host Brigitte Bardot, Boris Karloff, Walt Disney, Maureen O’Hara, John Malkovich or Antonio Banderas among their terraces and pools, but they have also competed among them to host scenes from their movies. Therefore, this route allows you to relive those scenes to have an snack in the same place where Raquel Welch arrived in a donkey taxi, go through the reception where Kirk Douglas asked for his key or lounge in that bar counter that got to be famous around the world for the scandal that led to Frank Sinatra in prison in Malaga. This route deserves to reserve the five-star seat.


Genius: Picasso
In addition to filming in Malaga, the National Geographic production company chose the Gran Hotel Miramar for the premiere party of the series ‘Genius: Picasso’, hosted by Antonio Banderas.

Les bijoutiers du clair de lune
The Bardot’s weakness for animals was evident in the shooting of ‘Jewelers of the Moonlight’, as the actress became infatuated with the donkey that appeared in the film. A platonic love as shown by the name she gave to the equine, Romeo, which she ended up buying from its owner when the scenes with the donkey were over and taking it to the hotel. This is how the director of the film and partner of the actress at that time, Roger Vadim, remembered it: “As the hotel management did not allow her to accommodate it in the garage, she took it up to her room. One morning she called for me. I found her in bed. The donkey was lying next to her, on top of the bedspread.

Von Ryan’s Express
After paying his fine at the police station in Malaga, Frank Sinatra boarded a flight via Paris and sent his famous telegram to the Franco authorities: “I will never return to that damned country”.

Scent of Mistery

‘Scent of Mystery’ was the first film to use the innovative Smell-O-Vision system, which was intended to transform the cinema after the arrival of sound and colour. Now, the novelty was the aromas that audiences could smell in cinemas as they appeared in the plot. For its premiere in 1960, three cinemas were adapted in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, with an expensive installation that released the fragrances through ducts located under each seat. But according to the chronicle of the magazine ‘Variety’, the expulsion of the smells was accompanied by an annoying whistle when crossing the tubes, while the essences were mixing one after another and the atmosphere inside the room turned into pestilence. An absolute failure unavoidable even with the presence of Elizabeth Taylor in the cast.

The shooting of ‘The Idol’ was set in the Bermudas. However, in the pool scene snuck an epic failure with Larry Hagman – the famous JR of ‘Dallas’ – hanging on the phone and in the background the flag of Spain flying in that Caribbean fiction.

Una vez no basta
On hearing about “cut” on the set of “Once is Not Enough”, actor Kirk Douglas used to take tours around the Coast’s trendy clubs. From the most chic party room in Torremolinos, Tiffany’s, to another must-see of the time, Menchu’s Bar, the luxurious club run by Menchu Escobar that attracted all the rich and famous.

Un toque de distinción
When she received the Oscar for her performance, Glenda Jackson denied the award saying: “I didn’t do anything to win it. Absolutely nothing.”

Torrente 2: Misión en Marbella
Torrente 2, ‘Misión en Marbella’ continues to be the most profitable film of the saga, as it grossed over 22 million euros at the box office.

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