El relicario

Una película de Rafael Gil

Writer: Rafael J. Salvia
Music: Manuel Parada
Cast: Carmen Sevilla, Arturo Fernández, Tomás Blanco, Jesús Guzmán, Amparo Martí, Rafael Alonso, Matías Prats, Manolo Gómez Bur
Production: Coral P.C

While watching on television a bullfight in which his son Luis participates, the bullfighter Rafael Lucena dies of a heart attack as he discovers Virginia in the plaza, a woman very similar to Soledad, the great love of his father, who died for his guilt after an acccident in the Plaza de Las Ventas. Both Luis and his brother Alejandro know the singer Virginia and fall in love with her. But when Luis suffers a serious accident in the bullring, he begins to suspect that perhaps Virginia attracts bad luck.

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