Una película de VVAA

Direction: Daniel Corpas (Creador), Samuel Pinazo (Creador), Chiqui Carabante, Carles Torrens, Marc Vigil
Script: Jordi Calafí, Daniel Corpas, Samuel Pinazo, Isa Sánchez, Luismi Pérez, Sergio Sarria, Santiago Díaz
Photography: Manel Aguado, Curro Ferreira
Cast: Salva Reina, Maggie Civantos, Vicente Romero, Cuca Escribano, Susana Córdoba
Production: Globomedia y TVE

The disappearance of the daughter of an important businessman from Malaga is the starting point of this thriller in which two policemen persecuted for their past are in charge of the investigation.

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