Scent of Mistery

Una película de Jack Cardiff

Writer: William Roos (Argumento: Kelley Roos)
Músic: Harold Adamson, Mario Nascimbene, Jordan Ramin
Cast: Denholm Elliott, Peter Lorre, Beverly Bentley, Paul Lukas, Liam Redmond, Peter Arne, Leo McKern, Diana Dors, Mary Laura Wood, Judith Furse, Maurice Marsac, Michael Trubshawe, Juan Olaguivel, Sandra Shahan, Billie Miller, Elizabeth Taylor
Production: Michael Todd Jr

Vacationing Englishman Oliver Larker (Denholm Elliott) stumbles upon a plot to kill a young American tourist (Beverly Bentley) in Spain.

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Anécdotas del rodaje

‘Scent of Mystery’ was the first film to use the innovative Smell-O-Vision system, which was intended to transform the cinema after the arrival of sound and colour. Now, the novelty was the aromas that audiences could smell in cinemas as they appeared in the plot. For its premiere in 1960, three cinemas were adapted in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, with an expensive installation that released the fragrances through ducts located under each seat. But according to the chronicle of the magazine ‘Variety’, the expulsion of the smells was accompanied by an annoying whistle when crossing the tubes, while the essences were mixing one after another and the atmosphere inside the room turned into pestilence. An absolute failure unavoidable even with the presence of Elizabeth Taylor in the cast.

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